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Introduction of the center

    Taking "to expand Chinese traditional culture, and promote beautiful and  happy China" as the guideline, this center is committed to build up a high-class cultural exchange platform by utilizing and intergrating cultural resources on the basis of the cultural construction of Yiling Group and the goal of bring a “new world” to all clients. Meanwhile, it will focus on the present, embrace the future and the world. Through the inheritance of systematic Chinese traditional culture such as tea ceremony,  incense ceremony, calligraphy and Chinese painting, Guqin, and Chinese porcelain culture, etc, and the combination of western wine, coffee and ikbana, those visible cultural form, it enables every clients to experience the attractiveness of culture more closely and easily. On the one hand, it adheres to the deeper digging into the traditional culture, allowing effective communcations of fine Chinese culture, on the other hand, it stick to the idea of cultivating and nourishing our body, mind and soul over culture and art. Our life habit, aesthetic value and personality could be polished by culture and art, and our life quality and health can be further improved as well. 



The width of life

Springs from the free hours rather than the swamped

Embrace the tranquil night on the mountain

Hearing the waves raised among pine trees in the wind

Whiling away the time making cups of tea

Follow ancestors’ elegance

To rejuvenate your mind and soul

To appreciate the tranquility and the beauty of being slow

As hard life itself always be

We all deserve some break on this trip