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Introduction of the center



    Adhering to the purpose of "care for life, care for health", the disease management center makes full use of the policy of the pilot zone, and introduces high-profile personnel, cutting-edge technology, advanced equipment and latest approved drugs into BOAO YILING.

    The center has gathered over 500 authoritative clinical experts from 35 well-known hospitals at home and abroad and established the alliance of international life care physicians. Internationally, it has Royal Anderson Cancer Center, Mayo Clinic, the Methodist Hospital in Houston and so on join this alliance. Led by Prof. Yu Jinming, the chief academician of  Chinese academy of engineering and the dean of Cancer Hospital of Shandong Province, more than 100 famous experts in cancer tumor field have joined the "BOAO international cancer prevention and control association" found by this center. This association sets accurate prevention, early detection, standard treatment and active rehabilitation as its major goal. With persistent efforts, it overcame difficulties and hard times, successfully established the “Level-4 Cancer Prevention & Control System”, leading the way of health education of Cancer, screening technology and rehabilitation technology and such basic clinical research projects. This management center will guarantee the application of accurate medical cancer related new equipment, new drugs, and new technology and its safety and efficacy, promoting the construction of HAINAN Free Trade Zone (port) and carrying out the nine preferential policies, and boosting Chinese health industry. It will dedicated to create a healthy, beautiful and happy China.