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Unique Service Project of TCM



Combined with bone-setting tendon-soothing manipulation and through the steps of scerating, stimulation of the circulation of the blood and relaxation of muscles and joints, smooth Qi and blood, scent fuming, bathed in traditional Chinese medicine, medicated diet and others, drugs can be directed to the deep wounded tissue of the body to dredge the channel, promote the running of Qi and blood, clean the blood and eliminate toxins, improve metabolism, exclude internal waste and liver and kidney toxins, regulate endocrine, enhances immunity etc.



Based on the theory of equilibrium mechanics and spinal neurology, the treatment of spinal balance regulates sub-health and treats pain by adjusting the equilibrium of dislocated and skew spine and unbalanced posture; its structure is to regulate and restore injured nerves by relaxation of muscles, dredging of the channel, chiropractic and other operations, and you wiU be given a straight spine.

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TCM massage is beneficial to the circulatory, system which is safe and reliable for patients suffering from chronic diseases too weak patients.As for children who cannot take medicine,massage can enhance the physique of children and play a role in disease prevention and health care. Some complex diseases can also betreated in conjunction with acuouncture adn drugs

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Moxibustion: regulate yin and yang, dredge meridians, dispel coldness, promote Qi to activate blood and disperse Stasis and eliminate stagnation. Warm yang and cure deficiency, tonify middle-Jiao and Qi, revive yang for resuscitation, prevent diseases for health care and improve, health to promote longevity.

Cupping therapy: dredge meridians, and regulate Qi and blood. Channels can reguate Qi and blood, nourish yin and yang, moisten muscles and bones and benefit joints physiologically

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Select the corresponding acupoints and acupuncture techniques and three-edged needle pricking bleeding to dredge the channel, so that Qi and blood can run normally. The role of acupuncture regulating yin and yang is to allow the body to change from unbalanced yin and yang to equilibrium, which is the ultimate goal that shall be achieved by acupuncture. The role of acupuncture strengthening the body resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors is that it can support Qi of the body and expel diseases