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Bank of Health and Beauty Cells


Boao Yiling Bank of Healthy and Beautiful Cells boasts GMP standard purification storage center, advanced equipment, well-structured laboratories, standard operating procedures, and independent systems of quality management, thereby providing forceful support for long-term storage of high-quality cell resources. All the preparation and production technicians bear the professional experience and operate in a strict and standard way. The rigorous all-the-way quality control system: the quality management system is well established to strictly track, analyze and trace the quality over the whole course of storage. The leading information management system: the standardized, efficient, and privacy-focused management system for cell storage ensures the quality and safety of cells. Long-term storage ensures safety and stability. The round-the-clock monitoring of all the storage devices fully ensures the long-term safety of the cells. Types of the stored cells include: IPS cells (the first IPS cell bank in China), immune cells, adipocytes, fibroblasts, etc.