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International rehabilitation and caring service


Boao Yiling Life Care Center -- touch the charms of traditional Chinese medicine and recuperate the body and mind 


Silk Road' Trip of TCM Intangible Traditional Cultural Treasures is a TCM health tourism project integrated with traditional Chinese medicine treatment, health maintenance, rehabilitation, pension, cultural transmission, scientific investigation of traditional Chinese medicinal materials and tourism held by Boao Yiling Life Care Center. Meticulously prepare 7 Chinese medical service packages targeting at people suffering chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, wind-cold-dampness arthralgia, constipation, deficiency and cold of spleen and stomach, dizziness and headache, neck and shoulder pain, excessive accumulation of phlegm and dampness, fatness and heavy cough with phlegm, consisting of TCM pulse diagnosis, diagnosis & treatment in internal medicine department, acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, bonesetting, thermal moxibustion, point percussion, therapeutic scraping & fire cupping, integrated ancient prescriptions, traditional Chinese medicine recuperation and other medical rehabilitation & caring service featured with unique traditional Chinese medicine characteristics, which can fortify the health, recuperate the mind and body, and prolong life. 

TCM service projects:


Pulse diagnosis + acupuncture and moxibustion:

feel the pulse at different body parts for understanding the changes of pulse conditions, and treat by acupuncturing the matching acupoints. This kind of service can dredge meridians and recuperate qi-blood, thus achieving the relative balance of yin and yang, harmonious function of internal organs and preventing diseases. 


Diagnosis & treatment in internal medicine department:

 diagnosis & treatment in internal medicine department of Boao Yiling Life Care Center is to offer disease prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and recuperation by applying traditional TCM theories and modern treatment methods through etiology, pathogenesis and symptoms. Such diagnosis & treatment method not only inherits the academic ideas and medical experience of Chinese doctors in the history, but also integrates with new knowledge of modern TCM. 



it is a kind of physical theories by pushing, seizing, lifting, pinching and kneading according to meridians and acupuncture points with hands. The massage therapy of professional physicians can dredge meridians and recuperate qi-blood, ease and relieve pain, eliminate pathogens to support healthy qi, regulate yin-yang and prolong life. 


Acupuncture and moxibustion: 

a kind of special Chinese methods to treat diseases. Acupuncture manipulation is to acupuncture certain points with metal needles for regulating the qi-blood of defense and nutrient system; moxibustion therapy is to burn the skin of points by firing moxa sticks or moxa cones, which can dredge meridians and recuperate qi-blood via temperature. 



a kind of TCM orthopaedic treatment methods. It can reduce the dislocated fracture ends accurately and cure soft tissue injury via visual observation, hand touch and mental calculation by virtue of touching, connecting, pickup, lifting, pressing, stroking, pushing and seizing. 


Thermal moxibustion: 

suspended moxibustion on the thermal sensitive points with heat generating from the burned moxa, which can stimulate thermal moxibustion feeling and transfer of channel qi via heat penetration, expansion, transfer and non-thermal sensation, with the amount of moxa meeting the tolerance of corresponding individuals. Such new treatment method can improve the therapeutic effects of moxibustion, and achieve the purpose of supplementing the qi and replenishing yang, soothing the channels and quickening the network vessels and expelling coldness and numbness. 


Point percussion: 

as one of most precious TCM heritages, different techniques, such as pressing, pitching, patting, percussing, are applied to stimulate meridians for dredging qi-blood, accelerating the functional activities with failure to recover, thus achieving the purpose of preventing and treating disease. 


Therapeutic scraping & fire cupping:

therapeutic scraping & fire cupping techniques are used to stimulate meridians, and make partial skin to be blush and bloodshot by following twelve meridians and eight extra channels in TCM and observing the principles of "relieving the secondary symptoms first in treating acute disease", thus achieving the effects of refreshing, relieving the fainting, relieving internal heat or fever, eliminating pathogens, clearing away heat and relieving exterior syndromes, promoting qi circulation to relieve pain and strengthening the spleen and stomach. 


Integrated ancient prescriptions:

 based on multiple years of deep study in the secret prescriptions handed down from ancestors and repeated clinical practices, "integrated ancient prescriptions" -- targeted TCM prescriptions via breakthrough and innovation and modern technologies are available by integrated traditional Chinese medical massage, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation, Chinese herbs Bath and Chinese herbal administration, which can flourish the healthy atmosphere, harmonize yin and yang, heal the diseases and wounds, and maintain the health of body and mind. Integrated ancient prescriptions are not only highly spoken by AGE Dr. members, but also are widely popular for foreign friends. 

Appreciate the beauty of eastern culture to cultivate the body and mind 


Appreciate the traditional Chinese music, chess, calligraphy and painting with profound and extensive background, experience the traditional Chinese tea ceremony with gentle and elegant connotation, smell the Chinese incense lore full of reassuring, relaxing and sense of ceremony, cultivate the sentiment with profound traditional Chinese cultural deposits for relaxing the mind and body, enjoying obscurity for the sake of self-improvement, purifying the soul and feeling a completely different journey. 

Participate in elegant meetings and taste the lofty culture 


Participate in the elegant meetings -- traditional Chinese culture performances exclusively created by Boao Yiling Life Care Center, where you can sit down after washing hands to appreciate the accessible beauty, review the elegant life of ancient Chinese literati surrounded by melodious Chinese music, incense lore, flower lore and tea ceremony, thus cultivating a charming, elegant and poetic journey and experiencing the true beauty of traditional eastern culture.