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Brilliant Civilization Psalm of Life 

Boao Yiling TCM Culture Exhibition 

Traditional Chinese medicine is the wisdom crystallization of the Chinese nation to understand life and to prevent and treat diseases. For thousands of years, it has made huge contributions to the prosperity of the Chinese nation and even the health of the mankind in the world. At present, it has been widely used in 183 countries and regions. Traditional Chinese medicine relics and pictures are not only the historical witness of the long development of the traditional Chinese medicine, but also the source of running water of cultural confidence of the Chinese nation. TCM culture exhibition is divided into seven historical periods to show the broad and profound TCM culture and the brilliant Chinese civilization! Aimed at caring for the life and health of the mankind, Boao Yiling Life Care Center brings the characteristic health care advantages of TCM into play, and firmly implements the important guideline of General Secretary Xi Jinping to "inherit, develop and utilize the precious wealth of TCM left to us by our ancestors", striving to make greater contributions to building a healthy China.