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Introduction of the center


With the basic purpose that "prevention is better than treatment, and health is more important than care", Life Health Care Center is committed to providing all-round, high-end, high-quality health care services for global elites and protecting your health. Under the guidance of precision medicine and by means of gene test, functional test, health pre-examination, health questionnaire, etc., find out the possible or existing risk factors, and make an objective analysis and evaluation of your health based on this. Creatively integrates preventive medicine, clinical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, natural medicine, regenerative medicine, functional medicine, sports medicine, nutrition medicine and others with international cutting-edge and top-notch medical technologies such as genomics and cell therapy; combines prevention, prediction, treatment, rehabilitation and rehabilitation into one; comprehensively launches characteristic projects and service including integral anti-aging conservation, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular conservation, immune system conservation, endocrine system conservation, nervous system conservation, digestive system conservation, liver and kidney function conservation, osteoarticular conservation, tumor prevention; tailor-makes 6S health promotion solution, tracks, guides, improves health management services, and develops healthy living habits to conserve life and improve life quality. Through strict supervision by the three-level clinicians, all examination results and health history of clients are comprehensively analyzed to find out health problems and make the health care plan. By means of scientific intervention and health education on clients, guide clients how to manage their own health, so that the effective combination of hospital care and later long-term care can be achieved. Clinical medicine integrates main therapeutic means of modern medicine and absorbs and adopts the latest advanced medical development achievements in the world, which will be beneficial to the health of the functional nutrition products, new drugs, genome therapy, cell therapy, oxygen health care therapy, autologous blood therapy, light energy therapy, etc. It shall be used according to different needs of clients so as to achieve disease prevention and treatment.