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Introduction of the center


According to five major steps of awakening beauty, understanding beauty, designing beauty, creating beauty and sublimating beauty, Life Beauty Care Center creates the life beauty care system from the five dimensions of skin beauty care, facial beauty care, fat percentage figure care, smile design beauty care and reproductive health beauty care. In terms of factors that affect the health and beauty of clients, Life Beauty Care Center follows the idea of "customized, secure, effective, controllable and sustainable" and carries out "full discipline" and "contracted" life and beauty care services in an all-round way. In terms of hidden dangers of the skin, figure and reproductive system of women after lactation due to the pain of childbirth, the world-renowned design team of aesthetic medicine has made a comprehensive and customized planning book for Young Mom·Great Love for their health and beauty. A team of top professional doctors at home and abroad uses the latest plastic surgery technology and the world's advanced hi-tech medical equipment to provide dedicated services to Young Mom·Great Love wholeheartedly, so that their skin will remain young forever and they will keep the good body shape. It will care for the source of health of women, so that they will be charming from inside to outside, keep calm and self-confident and enjoy a high quality life. Life Beauty Care Center initiated the "pain and swelling management system" in 2017. It introduced a series of top wound repair instruments at home and abroad, such as red and blue laser, He-Ne laser, light energy, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, etc., and carried out effective recovery management for postoperative symptoms of inflammation, swelling, bruising, etc. to solve postoperative problems and achieve beauty quietly without leaving traces. Life Beauty Care Center will always uphold the purpose of "beauty of health, exclusive beauty and noble beauty", help the China Mother Quality Life System Project for "Young Mom·Great Love" and help more Young Mom·Great Love to achieve the gorgeous image transformation, so that they will obtain a healthy life, beautiful life and happy life!