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Introduction of the center


Precision Medicine Research Center, established in December 2016, including Precision Medicine Research Institute and Biomedical Shared Research Platform, as a high-end R&D center dedicated to basic research and clinical diagnosis in precision medicine, is mainly aimed at molecular diagnosis, prevention, risk prediction, personalized health care and disease treatment for systemic diseases such as immunity, anti-aging, cancer, as well as cardiovascular, neurological and endocrine diseases. It, with such laboratories and advanced equipment in terms of cell biology, molecular biology, nanomolecular materials, biochemistry, stem cell, tissue engineering, genetic testing, genetic engineering, and analysis of biomedical information, testing of cell quality, living cell, testing of flow cytometry, and cell cryopreservation library, adopts a well-structured mix of cutting-edge medical technologies of genomics, cytomics, and biomedicine, in order to accurately identify the cause and crux of diseases, and classifies different status and processes. Therefore, various diseases will be subjected to accurate prevention, diagnosis and treatment. It, boasting excellent members and perfect conditions for scientific research, will focus on the internationally-advanced field of medical technology in the future, and launch a series of projects based on the active health model of "life decoding and health prediction". It, in an effort to overcome all kinds of daunting challenges, will emerge as an independent base featuring the integration of innovation, production, education and research, where international-advanced technologies are transformed into commercial achievements. Benefiting from this, Boao Yiling takes the lead in the field of precision medicine, and gains its foothold in the international arena, thus providing academic and technical support for the life conservation cause.