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Disease Management Service Center

By adhering to the tenet of "taking care of life and care about health", the Disease Management Sector of AGE Dr. Hospital Management Group invites over 800 famous medical experts at home and abroad to organize the International Life Conservation Physician Consortium for providing academic support and intellectual support, establishes the disease management service platform, integrates high-quality medical resources of the whole world for providing members and patients with the disease management service scheme featured with the fastest speed, the most accuracy and the largest effectiveness, providing the best individualized and one-stop navigation / escort service, improving the improvement rate and healing rate, and perfecting the life quality. 

The main disease management services of AGE Dr. Hospital Management Group covering: 9 aspects, namely, remote consultation for disease management, remote international consultation for diseases, special famous medical experts, management scheme with accurate customization, medical green channel (referral domestically and internationally), doctor-seeing guidance & accompanying service, disease rehabilitation guidance, high-risk management and control of diseases and multidisciplinary joint consultation. 


The disease management service system of AGE Dr. Hospital Management Group consists of following core architectures: International Life Conservation Physician Consortium, Remote consultation platform for AGE Dr. Disease Management APP, Disease Management Center--Academician Workstation, Expert & Consultant Review Committee for New Drugs and New Technologies and professional disease management service team. 

AGE Dr. Hospital Management Group expects to provide all members of AGE and patients with professional, high-quality and continuous disease management service via disease management service, thus achieving the purpose of rehabilitation and health life. We believe that AGE Dr. Hospital Management Group can bring more benefits to more families and individuals and provide patients seeking for medical assistance with the most timely, accurate and effective treatment along with the continuous expansion of disease management service scope. 

Four core architectures: 

International Life Conservation Physician Consortium (clinic of the famous physician) 

AGE Dr. Hospital Management Group has worked with 600 experts from 27 general 3A hospitals for providing disease management service, with the service scope covering cardiovascular, endocrine, gynecological, reproductive, tumor, liver disease, kidney disease, facial features, nervous system, orthopedics, rheumatism and immune, respiratory, blood, traditional Chinese medicine, skin and multiple disciplines. 


AGE ●Cooperative medicine institutions in Japan at this stage: 

Japan Masuko Memorial Hospital--specialties in digestive diseases and kidney diseases. 

Nagoya Western Medicine Center--specialties in pediatric / perinatal nursing, cancer proton therapy and nursing. 


AGE ● Cooperative medicine institutions in Taiwan, China at this stage: 

National Taiwan University Hospital--win awards for achievements in hepatitis, organ transplantation, cancer diagnosis and treatment, biophotonics in succession. 

Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital--own the first "proton radiotherapy center" in Taiwan, China. 

Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital 

Taipei Veterans General Hospital 

China Medical University Affiliated Hospital 

Cathay General Hospital 


Remote consultation platform for AGE Dr. Disease Management APP 

Relying on cloud mobile medical technology platform, AGE Dr. Hospital Management Group developed the AGE Dr. Disease Management APP, which can provide members and patients with the disease management scheme featured with the fastest speed, the most accuracy and the largest effectiveness in case of any occurrence of disease, and provide the best individualized and one-stop navigation / escort service. 


Disease management center-- Academician Workstation 


Academician Yu Jinming (Clinical medical leading expert): 

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, honorary president of Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences, president of Shandong Tumor Hospital, Central Government Liaison Senior Expert, expert of Bureau of Health Care for Senior Officials, vice president of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association. As one of pioneers carrying out the groundbreaking new technique and new method for accurate tumor radiotherapy at current stage in China, Academician Yu Jinming has made prominent contribution to breaking two bottlenecks limiting the radiotherapy effects, namely, accurate sketch of target area and accurate exposure of rays, with research results breaking and modifying the tumor treatment guidance in USA, Europe, Canada, China and other countries. Meanwhile, Academician Yu Jinming has led and guided 80 famous experts in hospitals leading in different disciplines. 

In the Disease Management Center, there is a top-ranking expert team led by Academician Yu Jinming, with Academician Yu Jinming Workstation established, consisting of three centers, namely, Boao International Tumor Control and Prevention Center, Cardiovascular Disease Control and Prevention Center and Endocrine System Control and Prevention Center. These three centers, important integral part of Boao Yiling and extension of main businesses of Disease Management Sector, apply the advanced concepts of integrative medicine and precision medicine into practice, innovate the medical model by taking full use of resource advantages in region, medical treatment, technologies and talents, select top 10 malignant tumors with severe damage to people's health assessed and published by the related national authorities, and provide accurate diagnosis, prevention, treatment and recovery for tumor patients. By relying on perfect and advanced medical facilities, top-ranking expert team led by academician, cutting-edge medical technologies and treatment methods and new anticancer drugs not available in the Chinese market, these three centers provide patients with dedicated service. By virtue of early screening and accurate intervention, those without suffering tumor are protected from tumor, and tumor patients can be healed completely, thus extending the lifespan and improve the life quality. 

Expert & Consultant Review Committee for New Drugs and New Technologiesm 

Professor Sun He (global pharmaceutical authority expert) Premier Chief Judge of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), chief scientist in translational medicine and clinical pharmacometrics, drug R&D and management expert, expert in clinical pharmacology and biopharmacy, professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Phamaceutical Sciences, Tianjin University, doctoral tutor, dean of USA SunTech Institute, special medical consultant of Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, special pharmaceutical expert of Boao Yiling Life Care Center. 

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