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    Service advantage

    The AGE Dr. Hospital Management Group always seeks development by innovation and promotes innovation through development. Using a series of innovative means such as technological innovation, marketing model innovation, management innovation, and operational innovation, AGE Dr. Hospital Management Group establishes a dynamic tracking service system for life conservation and quality improvement with client-centered Trinity and Ten-level linkage; builds a cloud mobile health service platform for Internet + medical and a big data management platform for health records of members; carefully constructs two professional platforms: Precision Medicine Research Center and Life Conservation Science Research Center; in cooperation with the National Health Commission Capacity Building and Continuing Education Center, establishes the first education and training base in the life conservation industry. In cooperation with the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM Physician Qualification Certification Center and the Chinese and Western Medicine Development Fund of the China Primary Health Care Foundation, establishes the Famous Physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Exchange Center, builds boutique units like a Traditional Chinese Medicine Studio, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Academy, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Forum and a National Model Traditional Chinese Medicine Center; carries out the business of training innovative talents for traditional Chinese medicine, carries forward the cultural treasures of Chinese medicine, and inherits the essence of Chinese medicine. Through years of development, AGE Dr. Hospital Management Group has successfully built a closed-loop ecosystem of industrial chains with independent intellectual property, integrating scientific research, production, marketing, service, education and training.