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Precision Medicine Research Center


  • Genetic Testing Room

    It adopts the technology for detecting DNA by body fluids (saliva, blood, etc) or cells. Oral mucosal cells or other tissue cells that have been detached by the subject are amplified, and the informat

  • Flow Cytometry Testing Room

    It is mainly engaged in the cell cycle analysis, apoptosis analysis, analysis of cellular immunophenotype, detection of various immune cell activation, peripheral blood lymphocyte subtype analysis, im

  • Live Cell Studio

    Research Projects:  Microscopic fluorescence imaging analysis of intracellular protein.  Information collection, quantitative detection, as well as research of structure and mechan

  • Tissue Engineering Laboratory

    It mainly pre-constructs a biologically active implant in vitro by adopting living functional cells and scaffold materials for cells to carry out life activities, and then implants it into the body, i

  • Stem Cell Laboratory

    It, based on the multi-pronged differentiation potential and immune regulation of stem cells, is mainly engaged in the basic and clinical research of stem cells applied in the treatment of cardiovascu


Bank of Health and Beauty Cells


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