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Diseases treatment starts from mental care


Mental condition affects our body.

Human body is consisted of bone,skin,hair,blood,and etc. Our bone supports us to live, and our heart, gives us life. Our heart are relevant to emotion and mentation which matter a lot when we consider health. Heart directs our life, allows our organs function normally and it interreacts with them. Our mental conditions will appear on our organs, and will change our appearance in a long run. Cultural cultivation offered in Fine Chinese Culture Academy is the inherence and development of traditional Chinese culture. It will rejuvenate our body system and reduce mental and physical diseases through 6-esthesis therapy.

6-esthesis therapy


Eyes,ears,nose,tongue,body,and mind reflect six esthesis of us as human being, equally they are vision, sound, odor,taste,tactility and consciousness.



The heart of “exthesis therapy”is to stimulate our inbred ability, being human-oriented and heart-foremost. This therapy focuses on the purification and nutrition of our mind, respecting the instinct of our body.

6-esthesis therapy” is an exclusive tailor-made cultural prescription on the basis of applying such cultural projects as tea, incense, flower, Guqing, calligraphy, and Chinese classics to add joyfulness and gratefulness towards clients’ life and aids them to develop good life habits. It is a therapy follows our heart and works for heart healing. It improves the elegant temperament we possess, widens our wisdom, erases our upset, and brighten our life.




Tea Healing

Different medicine specializes in specific diseases, while tea specializes in all diseases. Tea healing is endowed with 10 impressive functions——it helps you clean body blockness, reduce weariness, originate energy, prevent illness, carry on courtesy, show respectfulness, improve appetite, keep fitness, clam mind and determine goal. This healing process combines medicine and tea together to work on the healing of our body and mind. 


Calligraphy Healing

Calligraphy leads to Taoism and Zen, refreshing personal taste and goals of life. Our heart will fully open as we hold the brush and ink it continuously during writing. Calligraphic healing allows us to put our focus back on our breath, our whole body and mind, and it disables anxiety, stress, depression, and etc to damage our physical and mental health.


Flower Healing


“One flower reflects one world”, flowers can be employed in diseases treatment, and they symbolize varied meanings when presented as a hearty gift. Flower is one of the wisdom products of the earth. We are able to learn the surviving rules count the most of the world from it. Attracting the world with blooming color and enchanting fragrant, the flower will lighten your mood at the very first sight and will pass your affection.


Music Healing


Based on the theory of Five-element Music Treatment in “Huangdi Neijing”, “Records of the Grand Historian” says that the sounds of music promote blood circulation, do goods towards nervous system and nourish mind. The reasons behind are that human body involves 5 elements (Wu Xing) ——Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, they directly link to our 5 organs that influence our physical and mental health. The music comes from different instruments are divided into Gong, Shang, Jiao, Zhi and Yu, those 5 types of music are related to 5 elements and will work directly to our organs and further to relevant diseases. Music healing is a combination of treatment and cultivation to human body and mind.


Incense Healing

Incense pertains multiple good effects and reaches the top level of physical and spiritual care. Understanding the nature of each type of incense, smelling the odor, learning the characteristics and hearing the sounds are 4 significant parts. Our spirit can reach far along with the ascending smoke till the immortal. A world free of mortal bond will be opened.


Classics Healing

Appreciating classics and activating the great moral value of them in real life will guide us to reflect ourselves and this is the foremost step of being great. We learn from the great men in ancient China and adjust our behaviors and refuse excessive desire, so that we can balance our life enabling physical, mental and spiritual easiness.