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Introduction of the center


Life Conservation Science Research Center was established in October 2016. The establishment reflects the major measures by the group to target the life conservation industry and implement the strategy of health-related big data. It has 3 sectors including the health risk assessment division, the data assessment division for life conservation and the academic research division for life conservation. The center aims to promote the overall physical and mental health of its clients, and focuses on constructing a brand new and domestically and globally leading life conservation mode for "life conservation, and quality improvement". It also bears a great number of senior experts and professors majoring in life conservation, medical technology, health risk assessment, analysis of mathematic statistics, etc. They can provide the clients with high quality specialized services such as health prediction, risk appraisal, health promotion, effect evaluation and dynamic management. Major achievements since the establishment of the center 1 year ago: The publishment of Bible for Life and Health Conservation, and the sequential publishment of Bible for Beautiful Life Conservation, Bible for Life and Mind Conservation and Risk Appraisal Manual for Life and Health; the creation of the system for the unique life conservation theory of AGE; the development of health risk assessment system; the formulation of the dynamic management standards featuring health diagnosis-intervention-effect evaluation-life conservation over the whole life cycle. The center will provide basis for setting up the life conservation specialty and optimizing the professional allocation decision by big data platform construction and the epidemiologic study; validate and establish both the effective technology and the evidence-based technical standards for life conservation through the statistical correlation study; provide the clients with digital, intelligent, precise and customized medical care; offer significant reference to the verification of the theory and the mode for life conservation. Core vision: all the staff from the center and the group work together to turn AGE into the "pioneer" in the tide of "Healthy China", the "pacemaker" in the life conservation industry, the "truster" for public health and the "leader" on the international stage for health care in the time to come.