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Introduction of the center


The Life and Health Pre-examination Center draws on its world-top detection technology of functional medicine to provide the basic, precise, and all-around test data basis for its VIP clients as part of the life conservation service. The center has the world's advanced professional inspection and testing equipment, such as: nuclear magnetic resonance, dual-source CT, color brain Doppler, all-digital color ultrasound, DR tester, digital gastroscope and others. In the center, there are more than forty examination rooms such as the room for X-ray examination of chest and abdomen and capsule gastrointestinal endoscope, the ultrasonic wave examination room, the room for male medical-surgical examination and reproductive examination, and the room for mammary gland molybdenum target. During the whole checkup procedure, the full-automatic physical examination system is in perfect combination with the people-oriented service to ensure the completion of all the checks within 4 hours, and the availability of the report on the same day. The chief physician's final inspection system and one-on-one interpretation of the physical examination report, and personalized health promotion and life conservation solution about daily life, dietary nutrition, exercise and fitness, risk prediction and prevention and others are provided based on the results of the checkup, providing you with exclusive, customized, professional personalized service.