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Introduction of the center

The Style Taste Smart Life Experience Center is a unique experiential service center innovated by Boao Yiling Life Care Center. Through setting up external image, strengthening the internal quality, get refined internally and externally, body-mind-spirit integration, all-round creation, enables you to show the charm of personality, enhances the spiritual realm, and harvests quality life. After accepting the training and exposing to seven kinds of cultivation, namely, hairstyle, makeup, clothing, accessories, physique, profile and etiquette, your elegant female charms will be visible everywhere. In this Experience Center, Chinese and Western elements are integrated for mastering all knowledge. There are lessons for practicing traditional Chinese music, chess, calligraphy and painting, teaching knowledge on Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and modern etiquette, image design and fashion shows; there are not only oriental tea ceremony, Incense Taoism, ikebana, but also western wine tasting, handmade boutique coffee taste, and top-class art works appreciation. The combination of traditional culture and modern fashion, eastern wisdom and western culture enhances the charms of each other, and forms a perfect win-win situation. After a series of excellent experience, you can taste and understand life, and obtain more life wisdom, thus influencing the sentiment, caring the ideas and nourishing the life.